Lower back pain: Causes and treatment

Low back pain accompanies many chronic and acute diseases of the spine. This symptom may indicate the development of pathological changes in the skeletal system and damage to other vital organs, therefore it is necessary to determine the cause in time and to influence the genetic factors of the disease.

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Types of low back pain

Sharp pain in the lower back is a sign of a number of common ailments:

  • osteonecrosis, kyphosis;
  • cold transfer infection;
  • inflammatory processes in bone tissue;
  • ovulation in women;
  • low back pain accompanied by cystitis and other pathologies of the genital organs.

Lower back pain can be accompanied by fever, nausea, digestive disturbances and sleep disturbances, and psychological disorders of the spine also play a role in this.

Low back pain can be of several types:

  • vibrate;
  • burn;
  • soreness during ovulation;
  • periodically and permanently.

Each type has its own characteristics and reasons.

The reasons

Persistent severe low back pain can be the cause of a herniated or bulging disc, as well as ovulation. In this case, the optimal treatment for pain relief is surgery, followed by medical therapy. Burning and constant pain causes other disorders such as nausea, vomiting, poor health, not eating well, not sleeping well.

Ovulation is a common cause of pain in women. Lower back pain may radiate to the lower extremities and abdomen. The causes of pain during ovulation are a number of characteristics on a woman's body. In the middle of the menstrual cycle, the follicle matures, which looks like a bubble with fluid. When these blisters burst during ovulation, small blood vessels are damaged, causing bleeding and back pain. This indicates the normal course of physiological processes during ovulation.

In addition, women may experience nausea and fever during ovulation, which depends on the body characteristics and health status of each individual.

To relieve back pain during this period, women should rest and eliminate all uncomfortable factors. It is not necessary to take pills during ovulation, but if the pain in your lower back is unbearable, a consultation with a specialist will help determine which medications are safe to take.

back pain in women

The next cause is pain when having cystitis. Inflammation of the urethra accompanied by cystitis causes discomfort to the pelvic organs and back. Symptoms such as high fever, increased urination and pain are signs of cystitis, which should be treated with medication. For this, anti-inflammatory drugs, diuretics and antispasmodics are prescribed. After complex treatment and elimination of the disease of the genital organs, the pain disappears.

Eliminate pain

Persistent burning pain, when the body temperature is normal, is not associated with pathological changes in the spine, and can be eliminated with gymnastics and alternative treatments.

  1. Take a daily walk or jog at a slow pace.
  2. Drink plenty of water and reduce salt in your diet.
  3. Exercises to strengthen the muscles of the back.

All of these techniques are designed for a group of people who have experienced pain and have no prior complaints of spine health. It should be borne in mind that pain accompanied by nausea and high fever indicates the beginning of an inflammatory process and self-medication is not recommended.

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During ovulation, a woman should monitor her sensations and signs. And in order to eliminate discomfort, it is necessary to determine the location of the pain, because the psyche of the lower back is very pronounced, and the symptoms can tell more about the health of the whole body, not justsupport apparatus. . The period of ovulation, when the body temperature rises and irritability begins for no reason, is not a risk to the body, and therefore does not require special medication.

Psychological aspect

How is the psychology of the spine connected with the work of the whole body? Psychology is a powerful tool through which experts in the field can identify mental disorders and human problems based on illnesses.

Psychological measures of spinal discomfort and pain help determine how to act for symptoms without a specific cause. At the present stage, psychology is an important aspect, as people suffering from spinal problems for many years cannot find the cause and cure it.

Psychotherapists have come to several conclusions and conclude that chiropractic is the cause of a person's material dissatisfaction, feelings of insecurity and an extra burden on the shoulders. .

With such patients, a long-term work is done, aimed at combating their fears and false beliefs. After successful rehabilitation, pain and heaviness no longer bother.

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Associated symptoms

Back problems rarely occur on their own and are often accompanied by fever, insomnia, lethargy, and fatigue, both physically and emotionally. How to deal with it?

Before starting symptomatic treatment, a complete examination is recommended. This procedure should include an X-ray diagnosis, laboratory testing, and examination by a neurologist.

After the cause of the disease is known, treatment begins in the hospital (if infectious or acute inflammatory transition) or at home. Pulling technique is used - this is necessary to lengthen and straighten the spine. In addition, the rotation method is applied to restore the normal functioning of the spine.

Among the drugs, preparations based on natural cartilage tissue are prescribed, which allow you to restore and strengthen the patient's cartilage and bone tissue in a course of treatment of about 2-3 months.

In addition, in the form of injections, vitamin solutions are prescribed intramuscularly and non-narcotic analgesics.

It is always necessary to take care of the spine - even if it is in perfect condition, the chronic diseases that are getting younger every year will make themselves feel more painful and heavy. Preventive measures are within the reach of everyone, and it's easier to see a specialist regularly than to suffer a lifetime of heaviness and inability to make sudden movements. .