Experience of use Zdorov

Daniel's experience from Kazakhstan

Open the cream ZdorovMedicines that have helped relieve knee pain.

Have a good day! I want to tell you about my experience using Zdorov cream as a treatment for joint pain, arthritis and osteoarthritis

My knees have bothered me for two years now, I have been using different ointments, not really of any help. The doctor advised me to buy a propolis cream, then my wife ordered it for me over the Internet.

When Zdorov arrived, I immediately started applying it on my knees 3 times a day. After two weeks, my knee began to feel much less painful, and after a month the pain in my joints was completely gone! As a precaution, I continued to apply the knee with Zdorov cream. I recommend to everyone!

Experience from Tamara from Belarus

Ice cream in handI recommend anyone with joint problems buy this cream.

Good afternoon! I suffer from bone necrosis, often have dull pain in the lower back. I have used various waxes and creams based on propolis, but all do not like the smell and absorb long into the skin. A friend recommended me to try Zdorov ice cream, and gave it to me to try it. I like it very much! My friend and I immediately ordered the same one on the official website. Currently Zdorov joint pain, arthritis and degenerative cream topical cream is the only remedy that helps me relieve my symptoms and moreover I feel comfortable using it. I have been using the cream for a long time, it effectively relieves pain in the back.

How to use?

The use of ice cream is very simple. You should use beeswax cream up to three times a day for at least a week. It should be applied with massages to problem areas. I recommend waiting about five minutes until fully absorbed, and after that, put on your clothes so as not to spill the cream color. Regular use is very important. At first I forgot the ice cream, I only remember when my back started hurting. But then she started to do regular therapy and the effectiveness of the cream increased significantly.